Danny Brown – The Hybrid

I heard the rough cut…then I heard the master. You don’t know HOW BAD I wanted to post this. But I was patient. And today’s the day. And it’s a perfect day cuz it’s his b-day.  Detroit’s own down-and-dirty Danny Brown releases his new free project to the masses, The Hybrid. WARNING: this is not for the sensitive or weak at heart.

You can tell how much this guy is respected just by taking a glance at the producer credits — 14KT, Quelle, (who’s monstrous free album I posted recently), Chuck Inglish (one half of The Cool Kids), Slopfunkdust, Nick Speed, Mainframe…this is pretty much the real deal Holyfield. And if that doesn’t mean anything to you (and it soon will) I’ll just sum it all up by , the kid can SPIT.  For those of you who like your hip-hop authentic, raw and straight-no-chaser with no holds barred bars, I suggest you get to clickin’ right now.  Shouts to Rappers I Know on the release.

01 “Greatest Rapper Ever” | produced by Quelle
02 “Need Another Drink” | produced by Mainframe
03 “New Era” | produced by Nick Speed
04 “Exotic” | produced by Danny! Swain
05 “I’m Out” | produced by Chuck Inglish
06 “Re-Up” | produced by Quelle
07 “Nowhere 2 Go” | produced by Denmark Vessey
08 “Shootin’ Moves” | produced by Frank Dukes
09 “The Nana Song” | produced by Danny! Swain
10 “Guitar Solo” | produced by Quelle
11 “White Stripes” | produced by Quelle
12 “Juno” produced | by Mosel
13 “Thank God” | produced by Mosel
14 “Drinks On Me” | produced by Quelle
15 “Generation Rx” | produced by 14KT
16 “S.O.S.” | produced by Slopfunkdust

p.s. And if you liked everything you heard above, may I also highly suggest you take it back to 2008 and check out his OTHER free album, Hot Soup (produced entirely by Nick Speed).  It doesn’t get any realer than this, my friends.

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