After the Smoke – “Typical Weekend”

Every now and then I’ll be out in the streets and someone will recognize me as the man behind this here blog (I’m so appreciative that folks frequent TFB).  Recently when I was out @ Submercer checking out the homie House Shoes spin an afterparty for the Mayer Hawthorne show, Mike Mancini approached me about  a duo he’s working with called After the Smoke (lyricist / songwriter Whuzi and producer Speek).  I immediately loved the name.  Sometimes it’s hard to get a good convo going inside of a loud ass club so he told me he’d email me a track.  And he did.  And it was pretty f*cking good.  So I’m gonna share the wealth.  There is officially more to Tallahassee, Florida than T-Pain, y’all.

In this day and age of iPod playlists and genre-bending, we’re starting to see a slew of artists blending different styles of music to come up with material that is truthfully pretty hard to describe.  That’s when you know it’s good.  “Typical Weekend” is pretty simple at it’s core…a couple of piano chords, a heavy drum, hand claps and some harmony.  But the arrangement is so solid.  I like this alot.  This track comes from the Under the Influence EP which was coincidentally released today.

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