VIDEO: Neckface – The Writing On the Wall (V Magazine)

Chances are if you live in major cities such as New York or San Francisco and pay attention to your surroundings, more than likely you’ve seen a Neckface tag.  And then probably wondered to yourself, “What the hell is a Neckface?”  He’s not your typical graffiti / street artist, that’s for sure. 

His highly illegal creativity along with his skateboarding addiction has not gone unnoticed.  Vans somehow managed to find him and they teamed up on some apparel design.  However, he still has to keep his identity hidden as to avoid prosecution.  What a life.  Recently, Neckface had some of his illustrations put on display in Miami (which I’m sure he was indifferent about) and V Magazine was there to document it.  They even got him to sit down and chat.

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