VIDEO: Garland Jeffreys – “Wild In the Streets” (1973)

Let’s take it back for a second.  WAY BACK.  Actually back before I was even born.  Here we have a very funky Rolling Stones-esque rock song called “Wild In the Streets” by Garland Jeffreys (a single written and recorded in 1973).  Yes I do realize that music videos didn’t really exist back in the early ’70s.  That’s where the beauty of modern technology comes in.  This song was just begging for some visual aid. 

Check out some super classic / old school New York City imagery here (a nice mix of photography, video, color treatments and animation).  This was obviously a time of free spirit and expression.  It’s sort of inspirational if you watch it as many times as I just did.  Props to whoever compiled all of this and collaged it together.  If you want to read some more liner note-type info about the song and get the lyrics, click here for the full YouTube page.  And shouts to Wooster Collective (where I found it).


Super FINNNEEEEEE! Do you know when this video came out?

Susie Q added these pithy words on Feb 02 10 at 10:15 pm

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