Sonnymoon – Golden Age

I had heard the name Sonnymoon a couple weeks ago from my homie Meghan of Revive Da Live.  My Rare Form crew was preparing to throw Donuts are Forever 4 (the annual NYC J Dilla tribute) and she mentioned that Anna & Dane (the two parts that make up Sonnymoon) were members of the Dilla Ensemble out of the Berklee College of Music.  That’s all I knew of the duo until I took a stroll over to one of my favorite sites, I Heard It On.  And whaddya know? A free album from Sonnymoon.  I downloaded it, played it and was basically blown the f*ck away.

All I can say about Golden Age is that it’s trippy, hypnotic, surreal and mind-boggling.  Sort of Little Dragon-esque but a little more to the left.  You have to be ready to be taken on a trip to another dimension when you hit play on this.  Turn off the lights and lay back.  And if nothing I’ve said in those last four sentences has convinced you, peep their cover of Drake’s “Houstatlantavegas.” OK, I’ve done enough talking. Stream it below.


This EP is crazy! I haven’t been able to stop playing it. And the improv version of Running Away on Youtube is killer as well..

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