VIDEO: Neon Gorilla presents A Day In the Life of DJ Neil Armstrong

I really like how this was put together.  Unless you were living in a cave in Afghanistan (and that’s still no excuse), it’s evident that Jay-Z was pretty much running things in 2009.  The Blueprint 3 was pretty much EVERYWHERE.  And when it was time to hit the road and tour, the homie DJ Neil Armstrong was summoned to handle a very prestigious role — tour DJ, of course.

Neon Gorilla (w/ a  little help from the Ransom Holding Company) tagged along with Neil for 24 hours during the Toronto stop of the tour and put together this cool piece to give you some kind of insight as to what it feels like to be a part of something this major.  There’s no rest for the weary, apparently.

Here’s a quick anecdote direct from Neil about the above footage:

A sort of funny side note – I was SUPER SUPER SUPER SICK that day. I had sort of overdosed on Robitussin, took way too much because of my asthmatic coughing self. While I was performing with Jay for the first half of the show, I thought I was dreaming. On tour, I barely get to sleep.  One of the sacrifices I guess…

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