VIDEO: Mos Def f/ Talib Kweli – “History” (Creative Control Color Edit)

The OG black & white version of this fantastic video has been doing its circles around the Internet for a little while now.  I was happy to stumble across this slick, refurbished version when I was on Vimeo earlier.  Coodie & Chike (of the ever-buzzworthy Creative Control team) slid their video for Mos Def‘s “History” video over to the folks at Pure Studios to breathe a little color into their grey scale affair. 

I love that it still keeps that vintage feel with the washed out hues.  The Ecstatic was one of the top five albums of 2009 and I’m glad this J Dilla heatrock is being pushed as a single.  Hopefully that Black Star reunion isn’t far behind.

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