VIDEO: Guide To Liberation – Mikey Cordero

While doing the slow scroll through the homie Lichiban‘s blog, the above video caught my eye.  What was my boy Mikey 1 Soul doing on Vimeo?  I pressed play and was pleased to open my ears and mind to the message that was set forth. 

Mikey takes inspiration and framework from some of the most forward-thinking organizers of the civil rights movements in the ’60s and ’70s and uses that as a platform for a present-day evolution in liberation.  Although things are much better than they used to be, you’d be a fool to think everything was 100%  hunkey dorey.  There is always work that can be done.  Here’s more on Mike…

A member of the Brooklyn-based artist collective, TRUST YOUR STRUGGLE, brand architect of 1 Soul Designs and co-owner of Fresthetic, Michael has launched several successful arts and community based businesses and has dedicated his life t0 promoting social, political and cultural awareness in order to provoke change. His work has impacted communities in NYC, San Francisco, Cuba, Vieques, Mexico and Guatemala. To find out more, check out his site at

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