VIDEO: Friends We Love – Off the Wall: Doze Green

It’s always interesting the physical growth and evolution of a human being.  The first time I ever saw Doze Green was in the classic hip-hop documentary movie Style Wars, when he was a rebellious, young Bronx b-boy runnin’ around with an upstart Rock Steady Crew.  Time eventually passed and now he’s a full grown adult.  But that wild spirit, hip-hop sensibility and youthful personality is still present.  And all of that energy had been channeled into a very fruitful fine art career.  The man does some exceptional work.  The Friends We Love gang have produced their latest installment of Off the Wall and made Doze their latest subject.  Here’s a little intro…

It’s with great pleasure that we present this studio visit with the man, the myth, the legend…Doze Green. Besides being one of our favorite artists for the longest, he is now also one of our favorite humans.  Long story short, the man knows how to have a good time! But more importantly, he does so while inspiring everyone around him in the process.  In this episode of OFF THE WALL we simply feature Doze and his assistant Ian doing what they do best, paint and have fun. No interviews. No reasons. No justifications. Just a creative process. Enjoy…

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