Peter Hadar – “Full Time Lover”

When this man drops something new, everyone should stop what they are doing and pay attention.  Peter Hadar is easily one of the most interesting artists on the ever-growing underground soul circuit.  His Well Dressed for the Art Show album in 2008 received nothing but praise from those who chose to experience it. 

Peter’s back at it again with this fresh joint, called “Full Time Lover” (produced by Mike Genato, cover artwork by Lichiban).  Definitely something to light the dance floor up to.  And the best part?  If you want the MP3, you can name your own price.  The new album, Take Off Victoria, is set to drop later on this year.


Dope as shit.

Aaron added these pithy words on Feb 08 10 at 12:54 am

I love Peter. Always an automatic DL.
Not my favorite of his recent work, but not bad.

Suck My Savvy .com added these pithy words on Feb 09 10 at 9:29 am

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