VIDEO: Muhsinah – “Always”

Rock Slinger Inc. is in the proverbial building (I see u Mec)!  Muhsinah‘s The Oscillations: Triangle just saw a fresh, digital release last week.  December 1st, to be exact.  It’s an amazing piece of work (featuring production by Oddisee and Flying Lotus, btw) and you can cop it on iTunes for a very wallet / purse friendly price.  I’m gonna assume that most of you might need some convincing first though.  Hence, the pretty box above.  Here’s a great animated video (from the creative mind of  Mike Winkelmann) for the third track on the album, “Always.” 

Oh and there’s a message hidden in all of these pretty colors:

This video depicts the American housing market spiraling out of control. The words in the song reminds us that we “might not know where the week might go”, – be it “wall to wall paint and bank to bank” – but if we keep a positive “action and thought (that smile)” we will surely earn the things we’ve worked towards, “Always”.

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