Jimmy Whoo, Analogue Jay & The Big Loubensky – Neue Mixtape

You gotta love those late nights where you take a chance, click on something you know nothing about and end up with a nice, huge, sparkly gem.  So all props due to Graham I. Haynes who runs the wildly popular ElectroSouls Facebook group (a big supporter of this blog).  Join it if you already haven’t. 

If you’re into abstract electronic / bass heavy type sh*t like me, you’re gonna need to download this ASAP.  This mixtape is a companion piece to the Neue photography blog with orignal work from spaced-out producers Jimmy Whoo (aka Hollywoodraff), Analogue Jay & The Big Loubensky.  If you have a subwoofer, pray for it’s safety.

DOWNLOAD | Jimmy Whoo, Analogue Jay & The Big Loubensky – Neue Mixtape
(re-upped February 22, 2011)


Very good work! that mixtape is actually really fat!! *****

freshfudge added these pithy words on Jan 05 10 at 5:35 pm

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