VIDEO: J Billion f/ Spank Pops & 1 O.A.K. – “CaliWay”

One of my personal highlights for 2009 was visiting a beautiful section of Northern California known as The Bay Area for the very first time.  San Francisco and Oakland to be exact (although there are many other areas).  It’s similar to my hometown of NYC except the weather is a little nicer and not-as-fast paced.  I was very grateful to meet a bunch of fantastic and creative people and I hope to return again soon.

This video perfectly illustrates the vibe that The Bay is on (and why I love it over there so much) in a sunny and warm 4-and-a-half-minute package courtes of director Hayves Streeter.  Shouts to J Billion, Spank Pops and 1 O.A.K. I see a bunch of folks in here that I know personally and quite frankly, I’m kinda envious because this looked like a bomb gathering.  The joint was produced by DJ Vinroc of the highly-respected 5th Platoon DJ crew.  I bounced in my chair the entire video.

p.s. Vinroc got all digital Santa on our asses and delivered a high-quality MP3 of this catchy and highly addictive song as a little holiday gift.  Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD | J Billion f/ Spank Pops & 1 O.A.K. – “CaliWay”

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