VIDEO: Cinnamon Chasers – “Luv Deluxe”

Electronic music has a million different off shoots and variations of its parent aesthetic.  I, for one, tend to lean towards music that flirt more with the soul, downtempo, broken beat and trip-hop sensibilities.  So many genres, so little time.  The above video (which I scrolled by on Yes Yes Y’all) caught my eyes, ears and mind the other night and I just had to post it. 

Cinnamon Chasers, a UK-based group that classify themselves as “the prog-rock of modern electro,”  just dropped an album called A Million Miles from Home on Modus Records.  This was the fantastic first single from that album.  And the story-telling visuals are insane.  I love first-person perspectives like this.  Let yourself become a part of the narrative.  Directed by Saman Keshavarz.

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