VIDEO: Captured by Clayton Patterson (trailer + link to full movie)

For those that don’t know, I live in NYC.  And I spend alot of time in the Lower East Side.  It’s a great place to eat, drink and just soak up alot of semi-authentic downtown ambiance.  However, unless you’re a native, you probably don’t know much about the LES’ very humble and rebellious beginnings.  One person successfully documented the evolution of this diverse section of Manhattan over a 30-year time span — Clayton Patterson.  Here’s an official blurb about Captured:

Since 1979 Clayton Patterson has dedicated his life to documenting the final era of raw creativity and lawlessness in New York City’s Lower East Side, a neighborhood famed for art, music and revolutionary minds. Traversing the outside edge he’s recorded a dark and colorful society, from drag to hardcore, heroin, homelessness, political chaos and ultimately gentrification. His odyssey from voyeur to provocateur reveals that it can take losing everything you love to find your own significance.

If this trailer doesn’t pique your interest, you might wanna check yourself for a pulse.  But if you were as intrigued as I was and have an hour and a half to kill, you can watch the documentary in its entirety courtesy of SnagFilms.

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