J*DaVeY – “Outta The Window”

From the forthcoming Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistape (a freebie project dropping this Christmas, stay tuned), I give you an authorized early leak.  BRAND NEW HEAT from one of the most innovative and forward-thinking duos in music right now, my homies J*DaVeY.  Clap your hands and shake your tailfeathers, folks!

I know many of you have been feenin’ for new material.  It’s on the way.  And if this is indication of what to expect, it’s shaping up to be a great 2010 for these California beach brats.  If you have good speakers at home or in your car, I defy you not to crank this b*tch up and bounce ’til you get a migraine.

Big shouts to Black Soap Palace for the exclusive.  Happy Thanksgiving b*tches!

DOWNLOAD | J*DaVeY – “Outta The Window”


Interesting shift over to the quicker-tempo vibe..but I like it. If I wasn’t already geeked about the next release, I damn sure would be now. Yep!

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