Elucid – The Sub Bass Diet EP

Just when you thought it was safe to go outdoors, a dark, stocky figure emerges from out the shadows and hits us with a full blast laser to the face.  At long last, Elucid has dropped his Sub Bass Diet EP (the follow up to hard body October 2008 mixtape, Police & Thieves).  And if you were around when I posted “My Mayor Is A Billionaire” (which is even more powerful now that Michael Bloomberg recently bought his 3rd term in office), you will know what to expect from this project. 

Some of you may be scratching your head a little bit regarding the title.  I can’t front.  I did too.  Well, here’s the explanation for that right here:

The Sub Bass Diet showcases my love for 8 bit electronic sounds and digital rhythms. Inspired by dub reggae/dubstep, global street art culture and free form experimental producers like Flying Lotus, The Sub Bass Diet explores the power of drum & bass as the vehicle for transcendence.  The material for this independent project was recorded during the early part of the year through July ’09.

<a href="http://elucid.bandcamp.com/album/the-sub-bass-diet">First Meditation by E L U C I D</a>

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