VIDEO: Duck Sauce (Armand van Helden & A-Trak) – “aNYway”

Don’t you just love crazy team-up and collabos? This falls firmly into that category.  NYC native producer Armand van Helden and part-time Kanye West DJ A-Trak (who both happen to be figureheads in the hip-hop / dance / electro hybrid movement) have joined forces to create Duck SauceYou can watch this to get the background story on how they met and how this whole crazy project came about.  It’s pretty interesting.  Time passes and before you know it, a full-length is on the way. 

Above is the video for the first single, “aNYway.”  GREAT dance track.  And it’s undeniable where the inspiration for this fantastic video comes from.  Gotta give props to one of my best friends DJ Tara for putting me on to this earlier today.

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