VIDEO: Baaba Maal f/ Brazilian Girls – “Television”

Here’s something to take some time out to zone out to.  A little international flavor courtesy of African musician Baaba Maal.  From a design and animation standpoint, this video was very well executed.  It’s for a joint called “Television” (with a little help from the incomparable Brazilian Girls).  The percussion and ambiance dances in unison to the cut-and-paste vibe of the visuals.  The 2D and 3D juxtapositions kinda mess with your eyes in a good way.

Oh, and for all of you producers out there, the Giant Step family and Palm Pictures are hosting a contest to find a fresh remix of the high energy track “International” off of Baaba’s album.  Click here for details.  It ends @ noon on October 22, 2009.

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