Vikter Duplaix – “Electric Love”

It has felt like forever since the last album, but finally Vikter Duplaix is back with a brand new single.  I don’t think I have to explain how talented a singer / producer this man is.  None of music ever disappoints.  Whether its a silky slow jam or a sweat-inducing uptempo house track, the soul element still resides no matter what.  Philly stand up!  Peep this digitally-enhanced ode to matters of the heart.  And call up a special someone while you’re at it.

DOWNLOAD | Vikter Duplaix – “Electric Love”



Greetings Family! While I TRULY appreciate the love you’ve shown me on your blog, I am ONLY asking that people give me an e-mail address in exchange for the song. It’s a simple two-step process to download the song on

As we all know, music isn’t “free”, but I wanted to say thank-you to all those that have supported me in my career.

Streaming the song is cool, but I’d ask that those that wish to download visit my site in order to make that happen.

Much love!


Vikter Duplaix added these pithy words on Sep 04 09 at 5:52 pm

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