The Work of Mark Jenkins

Big shouts to Flavorpill’s Flavorwire on this one.  I’m a fan of street art.  Mostly the general two-dimensional kind (graffiti, stickers, posters, etc).  But when it comes to Mark Jenkins, we’re talking about a whole new stratosphere.   Some of his sculptures are whimsical (like the one above, which is probably my favorite), while others are down right startling.  As Flavorwire so eloquently describes it:

The streets of world cities aren’t just the backdrop for Mark Jenkins’ sculptural interventions; they’re also an integral part of the work itself. His clear-tape and more realistic mixed-media sculptures of animals, babies, and scraggly, Robert Gober-esque transients incorporate edifice walls, bent poles, and even garbage piles into site-specific subversions of the norm.

You can check out exactly what all this means if you visit Mark’s official site.

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