DJs Parler & Wonder – Punk Smoove Sh*t Mix

I have many hustles.  Graphic design and this blog being two of them.  Another is repping an event promotion team based here in NYC called Rare Form.  And one of our latest creations is a party lovingly entitled Punk Smoove Sh*t (shouts to Hurricane G).  The residents for this party, DJs Parler and Wonder were nice enough to make this companion mix to go along with the event as to show people what to expect musically when they enter the doors.  This is for all my folks that miss the great R&B / hip-hop mixtapes from back in the day where DJs had to actually show mixing and blending skills.  Some great old school, windows down, sunny day music.

DOWNLOAD | DJs Parler & Wonder – Punk Smoove Sh*t Mix
re-upped June 8, 2011

p.s. If you’re in the NYC area on Sunday, September 27th, 2009, Punk Smoove Sh*t (the party) will be going down 8pm – 1am @ Von Kellar on Bleecker Street.  Here is the flyer.  This message will self-destruct shortly after the party is done.

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