VIDEO: Zo! – “The Look of Love (J-88 remix)” (Slum Village cover)

The creative process of music production is a true talent.  And one of the most talented brothers I know in that craft is none other than the homie Zo!  Here’s a video he threw up on YouTube today.  I won’t say much.  Let’s just say I hope a full version of this comes to fruition.  Zo! says… 

I woke up yesterday morning feeling very inspired and felt that it was necessary to share my love and appreciation for a crew that was a heavy influence on my music. These kats pretty much changed the way that I listened to and heard hip-hop as a whole. One of my favorite SV joints is “The Look Of Love” (yes… ALL versions of it). This is the J-88 Remix version – the 12″ vinyl joint with the light blue ‘Superrappin’ cover art. Sometimes I’m not always that great at putting things into words exactly the way that I’d like, I’d rather play and create instead.

With that being said, Baatin and Dilla…we miss y’all and will continue to hold your legacies down properly. T3 and El, y’all are always family this way…respect due.


Thanks for posting this joint…!


Zo! added these pithy words on Sep 05 09 at 4:28 pm

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