VIDEO: Origins of the Moonwalk

Sometimes, I get the content for this site from the most surprising places. This time, MY MOM gets props for sending me this. Don’t take the title literally.  Yes, many say Michael Jackson invented the moonwalk.  But there were MANY talented dancers before him.  And Michael studied all of them intently.  So this moving collage is not just about the moonwalk.  It’s about LEARNING and RESPECT.  Click here to go to the actual YouTube page and read the literature on the right side for more insight.

This video is a great visual voyage in the evolution of dance and how entertainers learn from their predecessors and then add their own flair.  You gotta know where you came from in order to know where you’re going.  My other reason for posting might have something to do w/ my rabid Randy Jackson presents America’s Best Dance Crew infatuation (one of the few decent shows left on MTV), but that’s another story.

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