Tab-One (of Kooley High) – “Vc Insd My Hd”

A while back, the homie Napoleon Wright II sent me a beat.  He’s slowly getting his producer feet wet (getting better by the day) and the beat was BEGGING for some vocals.   Lo and behold, this cream rose to the top.  Tab-One, one-fifth of the heralded North Carolina hip-hop group Kooley High, will be dropping his solo album Tabloids any day now.  And this is the first single off of it, “Vc Insd My Hd” (Voice Inside My Head).  Tab took a hot Q-Tip line and made it a hot song.  If you don’t know the original source that inspired the hook, you have some history homework to do ASAP. 

DOWNLOAD | Tab-One – “Vc Insd My Hd”

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