Baatin – “Marvelous” / “Faster Than Your Life” / “Girl” / “Magic”


It was quite unexpected to roll outta bed earlier to the sounds of my phone text message ring going off and finding out via DJ Brainchild (who saw a tweet from Dwele) that Titus “Baatin” Glover, one of the founding members of Slum Village, passed away today.  The cause  and circumstances are still unknown at the time of this post.  I’ll update once I get more information. 

Regardless, this is extremely sad.  Especially after the passing of J Dilla a few years ago.  I don’t think many people understand how influential of a group the original Slum Village was.  They hold the torch for Detroit.  And now two of them have moved on to a better place.  One can only imagine how T3 is doing right now (keep him in your prayers).  It was well documented that Baatin was going through some things in his life (hence Elzhi replacing him in SV) but was in the process of getting it back on track.  The love was there unconditionally.  He even reunited w/ T3 and Elzhi and were recording material for the brand new SV album, Villa Manifesto.

In the meantime, his music lives on.  Everyone knows all of the SV classics, but not many are aware of the solo work that Baatin released.  I’m gonna throw a bunch of Baatin joints below that I have in the stash.  Take some time out to listen and reflect.  HIP-HOP FOREVER.  Celebrate life, folks.

DOWNLOAD | Baatin – “Faster Than Your Life”
DOWNLOAD | Baatin – “Girl”
DOWNLOAD | Baatin – “Magic” (prod. by Black Milk)
DOWNLOAD | Baatin – “Marvelous” (prod. by Black Milk)

DOWNLOAD | Attica Blues f/ Baatin & T3 – “Talk To Me”
DOWNLOAD | Havana f/ Baatin – “The New Dance Show”
DOWNLOAD | Focus f/ Frank Nitt, Illa J, Baatin & T3 – “Homage To Dilla”


thank you d…rip baatin

jasmine added these pithy words on Aug 01 09 at 2:23 pm

Hey people,
Basement Sessions have created a musical tribute to Baatin,
please check it out –

RIP titus glover,

Basement Sessions added these pithy words on Aug 02 09 at 10:21 pm

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