14KT – Nowalataz (Instrumental Album)

Usually I like to type my own little blurbs for what I post. And other times, the artist actually articulates their feelings perfectly and there’s no need for me to.  All my Detroit heads ALREADY KNOW.  Shouts to the whole A-Side Worldwide crew. 14KT just dropped his old-new instrumental album Nowalataz. Here’s what he has to say:

Here it is… a project I unofficially had done since 2006. It started when James Yancey aka J Dilla passed that February. To cope with the death of my favorite producer, who I liked to call my unofficial “musical mentor,” I started making “donuts”…uncontrollably. I never planned to release any of the material out of respect for Dilla and his craft. I’ve shared some of the music with others, in which they would repeatedly ask me to hear it, so I decided to put a little something together and make it official. JUST FOR Y’ALL.

This is a collection of beats created about 3 years ago. Some “donuts” style, some just around that era of 14KT beats. Now & Laters were always a favorite candy of mine. I used to go to Mindell’s Pharmacy in Ypsilanti back in the day and buy ALL of them. Sadly, I even stole change from my grandma’s (RIP) purse for them. They are addictive, yet fun to eat…something I found mutual when making music at the time. Ironically, I fell back in love with Nowalataz around this era (ask my homey Sarah “Merk Merk,” haha). Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD | 14KT – Nowalataz

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