VIDEO: Elucid – “Automatic Writing”

It’s good to see some visuals being thrown into the atmosphere for my favorite joint off of the Police & Thieves mixtape from the homie Elucid.  Definitely some exceptional homegrown work here.  The direction is courtesy of another Brooklyn representer Boombaye.  I think walking around the gritty city every day, you’re bound to get thrown for a loop every now and then (something that’s definitely captured within every black and white frame of this video).  Oh and Elucid has something to say as well:

If I learned one thing from the ‘Automatic Writing’ video experience it would be that there are only two ingredients necessary to accomplish any goal; vision and determination. Somehow the universe throws you in the path of whatever else required for the rest of your journey. This project was a true labor of love and testament to our resourcefulness. What started as late night random idea tossing via instant message (oracles, drapetomania, solar eclipses?!?) quickly morphed into a 4 page video treatment. Shot intermittently during the early months of 2009, without a penny’s investment, Boombaye and I trooped through the streets and subways of New York City in true hip hop/guerrilla style shooting illegally on lo-fi equipment without a proper permit. Five months and a number of sleepless nights later, I’m ecstatic to present this piece to the world. “Automatic Writing’s” message of self reliance and empowerment resounds even more so with the accompanying imagery.

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