Peter Hadar & Theophilus London – “Want U 4 Myself”


This joint is IN-F*CKING-CREDIBLE.  Shouts to the lovely Shayna Miller for the inbox love.  Nice little gem that fits perfect on this site.  Brand new Peter Hadar / Theophilus London collabo.  Production by one of my new favorites, Machinedrum (pictured above, behind Theophilus), whose album is in my top 10 for 2009.  These two seem to fit like two peas on a pod on this track.  Nothing wrong w/ a little electronic + sonic soul in your life whatsoever. I defy you not to at least bop to the left and right in your chair when you play this.  I wish I had strobe lights in my apartment.

DOWNLOAD | Peter Hadar & Theophilus London – “Want U 4 Myself”

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