Noñameko – “Know Yourself”

Noñameko is  a friend of mine from way back.  If you’re a big Lessondary fan, you may remember some of her music from a few years ago.  When I met her, she had long dreads and a hypnotic voice.  Then she disappeared for a little while to get focused and start a family.  Was so happy she re-connected with me (now dreadless) and shared some of the new music she is working on.  Here’s something brand new produced by KanKick.  Equal parts jazzy and boom bap.  Noni always had the knack to marry thumping beats with delicate vocals.  I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from her very soon.  Give this some burn.

DOWNLOAD | Noñameko – “Know Yourself”


haven’t seen Noni in damn near a decade.

this post is good news.

DJStylus added these pithy words on Aug 04 09 at 3:18 am

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