Nicolay & U-Gene – “Love Is In Control (Finger on the Trigger)”

I’d like to send a extra big happy b-day shout to the homie Nicolay today.  And he’s such a nice guy that he gave US a gift on HIS day.  Yet another unreleased banger that he’s letting see the light of day.  I’m LOVING this one.  Makes me wanna put on some shiny pants and spin ’til I get dizzy.  Am I alone on that one?  Maybe I am.  Anyway, there’s some history behind this one as well.  Nic says:

My bandmates and I had seen Ugene perform on a late night television show one night in ’95 or ’96, and we were all floored. A voice like Ugene’s, you just don’t hear everyday, especially in The Netherlands. It took us a while to track him down, but we eventually got a hold of him and somehow persuaded him to sing and play with us for a while. Fortunately for us, he ended up playing with us for several years. Most of my favourite memories from those days involve sharing the stage and the rehearsal studio with Ugene and Moon, who formed an incredible vocal tandem together.

To make a long story short: Ugene and I recorded this cover version of the Quincy Jones produced Donna Summer track “Love Is In Control (Finger In The Trigger)” in April of 2005. It was originally intended for a compilation album on an indie label, but they didn’t use it and so the track ended up on the shelf.

Ugene is another artist that deserves any and all attention. He’s currently working on a new project with a formation that actually includes two other friends of mine from Europe, Krewcial and G.U.S. Click here to watch one of their recent videos.

DOWNLOAD | Nicolay & U-Gene – “Love Is In Control (Finger on the Trigger)”

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