INnatesounds Crew 2009 Sampler

When you think innovative and refreshing new hip-hop and soul, the state of Missouri probably isn’t the first thing that pops in your head, nine times out of ten.  Can I change your thought process on that right quick?  Please get to know the INnatesounds Crew (you may recognize member names such as Miles Bonny, Daru Jones and Reggie B if you’re in touch w/ the new-ness). 

This new sampler they have dropped is a great representation of the direction that this Kansas City scene is taking.  It could very well be one of the most innovative and diverse in the US right now.  A great mix of hip-hop, soul and funk.  Can’t wait to hear more.  It seems like they churning out material at an unreal pace.

01 Miles Bonny – “INtro”
02 Reggie B – “Traveler”
03 Deep Thinkers – “Delicatessen”
04 Ces Cru – “Whatever Went Up”
05 Miles Bonny – “On Impulse”
06 D/Will – “Breaktime”
07 Miles Bonny – “Intermission 1″
08 Kutty Slitz – “Madaboutit”
09 Reggie B – “Heartbeat”
10 Lindquist & Greer – “Waiting On the Snare”
11 Ces Cru – “Popfly”
12 Blue Riddim Band – “Queen of the Rub”
13 Stik Figa – “The Truth”
14 AB & Daru – “On Deck”
15 Deep Thinkers  – “No Games”
16 Miles Bonny f/ Smoov & Shaunise – “Only Heaven”
17 Ces Cru – “Jungle Gym”
18 Reggie B – “Go Ahead & Get It”
19 SoundsGood – “Rasta Mo”
20 Kutty Slitz – “Only You”
21 D/Will – “Fresh Off the Charger”
22 Miles Bonny – “Thighs”
23 Miles Bonny – “BlueGreen Interlude”
24 AB & Daru – “Pure As An Angel”
25 AB & Daru – “Hindsight”
26 John Brewer – “Fly”  

DOWNLOAD | INnatesounds Crew 2009 Sampler

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