Full Crate & Mar f/ Versis – “Flirtwitu”

We’ve all been in the situation before.  Sharing the same space with someone we find attractive and displaying our affection playfully.  Even if we already have a significant other (even though it’s wrong).  It’s just some kind of natural human response.  I could talk on and on about this topic.  But I won’t. 

I’m just going to invite you guys to download this GREAT song by Full Crate & Mar joint (featuring emcee Versis).  I featured a couple of other joints by them a little while back (“Aftersexin” and “She Was Fly” to be exact).  I see a pattern building here.  A pattern that I’m very much into. Laaaaaadieeeeeees!

DOWNLOAD | Full Crate & Mar f/ Versis – “Flirtwitu”

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