Ebrahim – Video Series (mixtape)

One of my successful posts to date was when I threw up Ebrahim’s Joni Mitchell / D’Angelo / Lupe mash-up video.  Unfortunately, I forgot to subscribe to his YouTube channel or else I would have known that he did a bunch more of these flips and was knockin’ em out like hotcakes at an IHOP. 

All props in the world go to Ebrahim for doing such creative things using nothing but his voice, some keys and his immediate surroundings to take some of our favorite songs, mush ‘em together, turn ‘em inside out and deliver something new.   This is beyond remixing.  And quite frankly, not everybody can do this.

He was smart enough recently to take the audio from all of his videos and make a little mini-mixtape out of them.  I even linked the songs to their corresponding videos so you can preview all the joints before you even hit download.

01 Eebtro In
02 Name It
03 Gypsy Dance
04 Rock Rock On
05 Oops
06 Paris 2 D’Angelo
07 Marley-La
08 Eebtro Out

DOWNLOAD | Ebrahim – Video Series (mixtape)
re-upped January 20, 2011

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