Affion Crockett – Drake Blackberry Freestyle Spoof

In order to understand the video in question, you have to watch the above first.  This was Drake’s first time meeting Funkmaster Flex at New York’s very own Hot 97 (the #1 radio station in the country) and the “freestyle” he kicked live on the air.  He received a ton of criticism after this video was uploaded, showing him blatantly reading a verse off of his Blackberry.  I’m not one of those folks who’s gonna be a stickler for whether someone kicked a written rap or something off the top of the head.  But when you actually read something off of a portable device, that is kinda flaky.

Enter Affion Crockett (a funny-ass stand up comedian, most recently of MTV’s Wildin’ Out fame).  Put on some fake bushy eyebrows and hold a Blackberry in front of a mic…BAM!  Instant Drake!  I must admit that this was hilarious (funniest thing since the Wayne / Juelz spoof).  All of the extra ad libbing / banter in the beginning had tears rolling down my face.  And I’m actually a Drake fan. 

Shouts to Belle Jenkins, where I saw this first.

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