VIDEOS: Freddie Joachim Makes A Beat + “Crystals”

A long time ago, DJ Brainchild put me on to a genius musician by the name of Freddie Joachim.  He sent me a couple of loose tracks here and there, which I liked.  He also sent me to where I could find more.  But I slept and never followed up.  Fast forward to a couple of nights ago, I stumble on the video above.  I was instantly hooked.  Sleeper no more.  I love any type of video that documents the production / recording process.  Just watch and be amazed.

After watching the previous video and applauding in my living room, I immediately tracked down his music blog and personal blog.  And after some perusal of those, I found this video for an original song of his called “Crystals,” from a Japanese import album he dropped in 2008 called In With Time.  This is 100% my style. 

 So many different influences come out in his music yet he stamps it with a little of his own flavor.  If you do enough research, you can find a ton of his original work and remixes.  I can’t just give you everything folks.  But if this inspires you to go on the hunt and support, I did my job.  Excuse me as I load up my iPod now.

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