VIDEO: Steven Lopez’s After Midnight Soul Series – Sade (Lovers Redux)

I hope you were around when I posted the video of the Steven Lopez x Erykah Badu collabo.  Well, one of new favorite visual artists is back at it again.  Peep Steven in a brand new time-lapse video knocking out his SECOND incredible Sade piece in the After Midnight Soul series.  There’s something very calming about vibrant, warm colors juxtaposed against  her hypnotic voice.  Unbelievably dope.  You can see him working on his first Sade canvas here.   

Oh, some of you may be wondering what’s playing in the background of the video.  That’s Cottonbelly‘s re-work of “By Your Side.”  You can grab that below.

DOWNLOAD | Sade – “By Your Side (Cottonbelly remix)”

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