VIDEO: Double Barrel (Torae & Marco Polo) – “Party Crashers”

I post this with pride.  If you pay attention to what’s going on with music lately, you might notice that the vintage vehicle known as “hip-hop” is making a slight turn again.  It’s coming back to its roots.  Dope beats and dope lyrics.  It’s been sitting idle on the road for a minute.  But a bunch of great artists are lifting the hood and giving it a boost.  Peep the video for “Party Crashers” from the homies Torae & Marco Polo (together known as Double Barrel), directed by Kris Shackman & Theo Bark. 

This appears from the album of the same name and it’s available for purchase NOW courtesy of Duck Down Records.  This video looked fun as hell to be a part of.  And I’m especially heated now because I could have been a part of it.  I overslept.  Damn.  I’ll never live that down, Tor!

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