The Red Giants – Chain Reaction EP

Cincinatti duo / Lessondary extraordinaires Jermiside & Brickbeats (aka The Red Giants) have delivered the new material they have promised.  This would be a great time to familiarize with a great duo with a very strong future ahead of them.  If you have Tanya Morgan‘s Brooklynati  album, you’re already familiar with the superb production of Brick and heard Jerm black out a couple of times as well.  Here’s a whole EP of brand new material from the big men themselves.

p.s. Back in April, I posted one of the songs featured on this very EP, the posse cut “Never Seen A Thing.”  But it looks like they switched the beat up for the EP version.  So if you want an exclusive, get the OG version right here.

DOWNLOAD | The Red Giants – Chain Reaction EP

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