Michael Jackson – “I Can’t Help It (Tangoterje remix)”

Alright, another Michael Jackson joint for y’all.  I’m not even sleepy and I figure folks all over the world are celebrating the man’s life in their own way.  I’m doing it by sharing with you guys.  This is has to be one of my favorite MJ remixes ever (courtesy of Oslo, Norway’s own Tangoterje, aka Todd Terje), and there are a ton of ‘em.

If you are into deep house music and frequent those parties, you have undoubtedly heard this song if the DJ was up on his sh*t and has any sense of taste.  If not, you’re in for a treat.  The classic “I Can’t Help It” stretched out to almost 9-minutes long , layered on top an upbeat, house track and tweaked to create this new, reverberating, surreal feeling.  It puts me in a zone every single time.

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