Little Dragon – “Fortune” + “Blinking Pigs”

You’re reading the blog of a very big Little Dragon fan, folks.  Their debut self-titled album dropped in 2007 and I was not made aware of them until the middle of 2008.  Late pass supreme.  These airy, yet thumping electronic beats along with the melifluous voice of LD’s lead singer Yukimi Nagano make for a sound that is unmatched in music right now.  From what I am gathering via other sources, their sophomore album Machine Dreams drops in August.  Here’s the lead single off of that album, “Fortune” b/w “Blinking Pigs.”  The b-side wins again.

DOWNLOAD | Little Dragon – “Fortune”
DOWNLOAD | Little Dragon – “Blinking Pigs”

UPDATE: These two songs can be found on Machine Dreams. Purchase here.

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