Hi-Res – Sittin’ Up In My Room (2008)

I received a great education courtesy of Kenny Fresh‘s WETF Radio Vision last week (WETF = WhatEverTheF*ck).  I didn’t know that Portland, Oregon has a very rich up-and-coming music scene.  Hip-hop, soul and electronic alike.  Amongst the cats hanging out in the little frame during the show was this gentleman in the picture above.  After cracking a joke in the chat room about him looking like a Harlem Globetrotter, I was later told that it was upstart producer by the name of Hi-Res.

Later on, they played one of his beats on the show I took back my joke and did my homework.  Download Sittin’ In My Room, his beat tape from last year.  Spread it around.  Impressive stuff.  I’m a sucker for that funky, floor-shaking outer space knock.

DOWNLOAD | Hi-Res – Sittin’ Up In My Room

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