VIDEO: Mayer Hawthorne & The County – “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out” + BONUS: Astronote Remix

Back in November, the Internet was sent into a tizzy over this song (myself included). Alot of different folks have different opinions about this retro-soul sound that was made popular by Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black album. Some love this new era re-interpreation, some think the sound should be kept sacred.

Since then, some have managed to tackle it and do well, some have failed miserably.  Mayer Hawthorne gets props for being one of the folks that “gets it.”  It’s been a while since the song was made public, but just NOW to we get to see some hilarious visuals to go along w/ this upbeat break-up tune (directed by Henry DeMaio).  See if you can spot the quickie cameos by Buff1 and DâM-FunK too.

Oh wait, I almost forgot…I’ve had this Astronote remix of this song that I’ve been dying to pull out for a special occasion.  I guess this would be that perfect time.  Be ready to knock over some furniture. That’s how crazy this is.

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