Outasight – “In My Sleep”

I located this over at the Notherground headquarters.  I f*cks w/ Outasight heavily these days.  Especially since him and the homie 6th Sense have been grindin’ it out heavily on the late night tip (super duper PAUSE).  According to 6th (who produced “In My Sleep”), this song  is set to appear in an online ad campaign for Amp Energy Drink sometime in the near future.  Sounds like a winner to me.

p.s. If you’ve never heard Outasight’s From There To Here (An Album Prequel), correct that IMMEDIATELY.  Homie’s album is shaping up to be a monster.

DOWNLOAD | Outasight – “In My Sleep”


I like dude’s verses, but I kinda can’t stand when he does his whine/sing thing.

arpo added these pithy words on May 05 09 at 5:08 pm

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