Nicolay – “Nautilus” (A Tribute To Bob James)

This is all very coincidental.  If you liked The Daytona 500 EP by The Kid Daytona, then this falls right in the groove.  Once again DJ Brainchild puts me on to something I shoulda known about my damn self because I was slacking on my blog surfing.  Nicolay explains this story the best so I’ll let you read it in his own words:

In July of 2006, I was approached by people representing world renowned jazz keyboardist Bob James. They were working on putting together a project, to be called Sampling Bob James: The Nautilus Project, on which several DJs and producers would present their take on one of the most sampled tracks in hip-hop history, “Nautilus,” from Bob James’ 1974 album One.

To my delight, I was invited to be one of the contributors, but instead of sampling the original, I chose to ‘cover’ it and re-create the track from scratch.  They really liked my version of “Nautilus,” but the project has remained unreleased. My version did end up online, by way of a viral video. Ever since, people have been asking me for a high quality version, so… here it is!


Really dig the Nicolay version! BTW I just posted a few more cover versions of it myself at my blog that you may dig:

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