Word To Mother – “Trees for Breakfast”

Two different people sent me a link to Wooster Collective (a great art blog that I don’t visit as much as I’d like to) in the past couple of days to show me the above work.  It was done by an British artist who goes by the name Word To Mother.  He has a show coming up at Stolen Space over in the UK this coming Thursday.  

Now we know the phrase “trees for breakfast” is not original. Yup, I jacked it right from a Nas verse with no remorse.  But it’s not really a phrase you see or hear all the time.  Nonetheless, it’s a dope piece.  I wish I could claim it as the official physical representation of this site.  Anyone know how I can get a hold of this Word To Mother guy?  Props to him.  I’m certain he’s cool in person.

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