VIDEO: Donwill – “Laura’s Song”

You guys should know my man Donwill from Tanya Morgan by now.  There’s a project he’s been slowly and steadily working on called Don Cusack in High Fidelity.  If you’ve never seen the movie High Fidelity (starring John Cusack, Lisa Bonet and Jack Black just to name a few), please do so.  It’s one of my top 20 movies in the history of EVER.  I think you can find it cheap online and at most stores.  One of the best movies that displays the natural parallels between love and music.  Don decided to take that movie and re-interpret it in hip-hop album form. Ingenious. 

Now the bad news is this album isn’t coming out anytime soon.  Don’s still in the process of securing guest appearances and finishing up songs.  Plus with all the excitement surrounding Tanya Morgan’s upcoming sophomore album Brooklynati, this will have to play the bench until the time is right.  However, peep the video for the first single from this album, starring one of my favorite people in the universe, actress Jasika Nicole (of Fringe fame).  Cameos from Von Pea and Che Grand as well.  The joint is produced by up-and-comer (and soon to be huge, I predict) Astronote and video directed by Marques Green

Again, you GOTTA see High Fidelity to fully get this. Get your Netflix game up.


sick, tm crew so ill

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