Kanye West – “Stronger (Aeon’s Deep On the Beach Remix)”

Yeah the song’s old, so what?  I’m sure Aeon felt the same way when he decided to take this and give it a fresh nip / tuck.  Mind you, he didn’t take the proper acapella and just lay it over an instrumental.  He decided to do it the hard way.  Aeon went in, tweaked levels and layered shit to make this happen.  This is “super duty tuff work” (c) Kase, Wild Style.  It gives it a great, kinda mystic effect (you can hear elements of the original beat if you listen close).  I don’t know if that was intentional or not.  What I do know is that I wanna sip a rum punch on a spaceship now.  Big ups to the homie for sending this gem over (previously only for stream on his blog).

DOWNLOAD | Kanye West – “Stronger (Aeon’s Deep On the Beach Remix)”

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