VIDEO – One Day (Introducing Kooley High) (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

I posted the trailer for One Day (Introducing Kooley High) a few weeks back right before Napoleon Wright II  & BecauseUs were set to premiere  it in North Carolina for a 300-capacity theatre.  Well according to this great article on, it was a success and then some.  A capacity crowd sat down to witness the everyday life of an up-and-coming hip-hop group.  And now, the whole documentary is available to view for FREE on the Internet.  Isn’t technology fantastic? 

It’s about 37-minutes long.  I hope to see this get entered into some film festivals because it’s just a great organic and homegrown documentary that should be seen by the masses.  Rough and rugged but shining like a gold nugget.  Props to everyone involved and everyone grinding to make a mark.



donnie added these pithy words on Feb 04 09 at 7:10 pm

it’s me bruddah! thanks for the shoutout. :)

kristy added these pithy words on Feb 06 09 at 5:02 am

it is all from the heart and that will prevail!
good luck with the journey, i love your hip-hop!thanks for the day, napoleon and thanks kooley high, for the love of your beat.

anna added these pithy words on Feb 16 09 at 1:47 pm

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