VIDEO: Ely Kim – “Boombox”

As I have said in the past, nine times out of ten, some of the most fun stuff I post on here comes via AIM.  Big ups to my homegirl Thieny over in Bay Area (who just found out I had a blog like a few days ago) for hitting me with this.  Say hello to Ely Kim, a man with alot of time on his hands and alot of moves.  He made a little viral video called “Boombox.”  The magic number here is “100.” 

The only thing I wish is that he posted a tracklist because I actually liked the quick snippets of some of these joints.  If anyone knows if a track list exists, holla @ me.  And yes, I watched the entire thing.  You should too.


dude has a page on vimeo and he put up the tracklisting

Sicx added these pithy words on Feb 24 09 at 8:23 pm

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